A series engines

The A Series engine is fitted to a number of vehicles from the Mini, Midget, Healey sprite, Minor and so on.

The specifications and prices below can generally be applied to all and we are always happy to offer an exchange engine or rebuild your own unit if you wish.

On the 1275cc engine our 1293cc stage two unit or the 1380cc are by far the most popular engine we produce because they give a noticeable increase in performance and torque.

All engines are usually built for road use unless specified other wise, as such a sensible performance camshaft with power from 1800 rpm to 6000rpm is utilised.

And of course as with all our engines the A series is rebuilt and fully reconditioned to the highest standards using good quality brand named parts.

On stage two engines all rotating parts are lightened and balanced, oil pumps are modified for high pressure, high output specification.

All stage two engines also include lightened flywheel and clutch.

We also offer a full range of additional tuning components from carburettors to K&N air filters. For more information on this visit our section marked Midget.

The prices of our most popular A series engines are listed below:- 

Engine Price
 Standard Lead free engine*  £2800.00
 Standard lead free with fast road camshaft and balanced*  £3200.00
 Stage two lead free engine with fast road camshaft and balanced*  £3650.00
 1293cc Fast road stage two balanced with clutch  £3760.00
 1380cc Fast road stage two balanced with clutch


 1400cc Fast road stage three balanced with clutch  £5050.00

Where indicated thus * this spec is also available at the price indicated in 1098cc 1275cc or 1500cc spec.

All engines are on an exchange or customer own unit basis.

Prices quoted are also subject to VAT.