MGA Engines

Over the years Oselli have rebuilt and restored many MGAs.

For noticeable improvements in performance and handling we are well known for modifying the MGA to take the later 'B' series five bearing engine and then adding a five speed gearbox. All of which tends to bring the performance of the car up to modern levels to suit todays roads and conditions. To obtain more information on this just visit our section on restoring of MGAs.

Of course there is also a lot to be said about keeping a car standard as such we also offer full rebuilt and in some cases exchange engines for the MGA.

Below are our current costs:- 

Engine Price
 1500cc Standard lead free balanced engine  £2400.00
 1500cc Stage 2 lead free balanced engine with clutch  £3095.00
 1598 cc Standard lead free balanced engine                   £2750.00
 1588cc Stage 2 lead free balanced engine with clutch  £3095.00
 1622cc standard lead free balanced engine  £3100.00
 1622cc stage 2 lead free balanced engine with clutch  £3350.00

Please note prices quoted are for customer own unit rebuild or exchange engines

Prices are also subject to VAT.