Fixed Price Servicing

Oselli specialises in the service and repair of general performance and sports cars.

We operate generally a fixed price service cost dependant upon the vehicle and specifications. The only variance on costings will be parts required such as brake pads, tyres, etc, all of which are quoted prior to fitment.

On this basis some example fixed price servicing for MG vehicles is listed below. For details of fixed price servicing for Aston Martin, TVR and other vehicles, visit our Service section.

Vehicle Service Price
 MGA,MGB, Mg Midget  Annual service  £240.00
 MGF and Trophy  6000 m/s  £220.00
   12000 m/s  £280.00
   Cam belt change  £480.00
 MG ZS V6  6000 m/s  £220.00
   12000 m/s  £280.00
   Cam belts  £POA

Please note prices are plus parts and VAT.