Oselli racing in the MGCC Peter best


The 4th & 5th June was MG Live at Silverstone and the MGCC Peter Best race series race two of this years calendar.

Paul Eales in the Oselli MGB GT has moved on after winning class A last year, into class B with success straight away.

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Just for a change it was a dry weekend at MG Live this year and full grids in nearly all races.

In the Pater Best series Paul Eales in the Oselli MGB BT qualified forth on the grid and second in his class 'B'.

With the first race on Saturday afternoon and the second on sunday it was to be quite a long weekend but with race 1 underway Paul managed to keep his position contested only by a bunch of MG Metro's to keep him company but having there own tough race. This allowed Paul to finish 2nd in class.

The Sunday race was a different story.

Out of the blocks Paul was again a front runner until the 3rd lap failed to see him cross the finish line. The resultant failure being a stripped pinion gear in the rear axle.

Next race Mallory Park Sunday 3rd July, lets hope for a little more luck there.

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