Aston Martin restoration

Aston Martin vehicles built at Newport Pagnel were all built by highly skilled craftsmen 'by hand'!

The chassis of these vehicles were assembled and welded together on sectional jigs in the form of steel box sections.

The body panels were all shaped by hand on forming jigs and made in alluminium. (Quite a site to see)

The body was then mounted to the steel chassis, insulated and then riveted into position. Eventually this very labour intemnsive process would reult in a vehicle ready for mechanical assembly and paint. Both of which were equally skilled and labour intensive.

To repaint an Aston Martin to get the desired finish it is thus necessary to strip the car back to the bare metal condition.   

The car is dedented and high build primer applied before colour coats applied.


The engine fitted to the V8 Aston is unique to the car. They were origianlly all manufactured in house at Newport Pagnel and made of alluminium block and heads with wet steel liners fitted, Retained in position with two rubber O rings to seal the water jacket.

Over the years all six cylinder and V8 blocks corrode extensively but can be restored to former glory with in our engineering workshop.

Heads are also converted to lead free during rebuild.

Once engine is assembled to gerabox it can be re installed into the car taking great car not to touch the alluminium wings in the process.

Once finished and tuned the car is entensively road tested and mileage testing applied.