Aston Martin Engines

At Oselli we have many, many years experience in building Aston Martin engines. From DB2/4, DB4,5 &6 through the V8 range twin super charged Vantage to DB7, all are catered for.

The alluminium Aston engines are quite unique in their construction and as such to rebuild properly is quite involved.The reasons for this is the design of both the DB engines and the V8 range having a cast steel liner inserted into the allumium block and using two seals at the bottom to seal in the water way and crank case area.

We are seeing in virtually every case now the alluminium in this area corrodes away quite badly and in normal circumstances would make a block un-servicable. However at Oselli we have over the years now sucessfully developed a system of reclaiming cylinder blocks from corrosion or cracking. Some quite severe cases have all been bought back to an 'as new ' condition.

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Because of the complexity of these engines it is quite difficult to offer a straight forward reconditioning cost bearing in mind the corrosion problems that will be inevitable.

In saying that it never ceases to amaze me when I see some of the costs quoted. You will also see a number of different specs and upgrades. For us all engines are fully lightened and balanced during rebuild, and six cylinder units are rebuilt to 4.2 litre spec using cosworth forged pistons unless otherwise specified by the customer.

As a guide the following is quite accurate:-

Vehicle Price
 Aston Martin  2600cc  £TBA
 Aston Martin 3000cc  £TBA
 Aston Martin DB4  £TBA
 Aston Martin DB5 & 6 built to 4.2 litre spec  £TBA
 Aston Martin V8 range  £TBA
 Aston Martin Virage  £TBA
 Vantage twin super charged car  from £