Measurement and Testing

Crack Testing

Crankshaft 4 cyl £50.00
Crankshaft 6 cyl £80.00
Crankshaft 8 cyl £80.00
Crankshaft 12 cyl £90.00
Set of conrods 4 cyl £60.00
Set of conrods 6 cyl £80.00
Set of conrods 8 cyl £90.00
Set of conrods 12 cyl £110.00
Set of pistons 4 cyl £60.00
Set of pistons 6 cyl £80.00
Set of pistons 8 cyl £100.00
Set of pistons 12 cyl £120.00
Cylinder head 4 cyl £60.00
Cylinder head 6 cyl £80.00

Note: Degreasing may be charged extra if required.

Pressure Testing and Ceramic Sealing

  Pressure Testing Ceramic Sealing
4 cyl block or head (V4/V6/V8) from £80.50 from £100.00
6 cyl block or head from £100.00 from £120.00
4 cyl alloy BMW/Twin cam etc from £80.50 from £100.00
6 cyl alloy BMW/Rover/Jaguar from £110.00 from £130.00
V4 block from £110.00 from £140.00
V6 block from £110.00 from £160.00
V8 block from £140.00 from £220.00
2 cyl head from £60.00

from £80.00

3 cyl head from £70.00 from £110.00
4 cyl head from £80.00 from £140.00
6 cyl head from £90.00 from £150.00
4 cyl block from £110.00 from £150.00
6 cyl block from £110.00 from £180.00

Flow Bench Testing

We can undertake design and development work and this is charged on a time taken basis. Due to the nature of the job involving tooling up, the making of various adaptors and templates and a serious of tests, it is virtually impossible to quote accurate costs in advance. Work can be undertaken on the following alternative basis:

  1. A budget is clearly defined by the customer, the test programme is clearly defined and the order of test mutually agreed. When the budget is exhausted the test programme ceases.
  2. The test required is straightforward and finite and therefore subject to an advance quotation.

Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement

Essential for accurate location of water jackets etc., this service is particularly important when over boring cylinder blocks.

Prices vary according to complexity, but the minimum charge is £80 for four cylinders.