Fit new starter ring gear, most car models   £50.00
Machine valve cut outs in BLMC 'A' or 'B' type blocks   £80.00
Machine valve cut outs in set 4 pistons from £80.00
Remove and refit set of 4 pistons to pressfit conrods   £60.00
Convert set 'A' series conrods to pressfit and fit pistons   £110.00
Renew oil restrictors in BLMC crankshaft   £60.00
Drill and tap 2 extra stud holes in BLMC block   £60.00
Convert Rover V8 to lipseal crank front seal/rear seal   £110.00
Repair BLMC transverse gearbox idler bearing housing   £120.00
Repair BLMC transverse bell housing idler bearing housing   £120.00